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Paul Utke’s voting record according to the American Conservative Union

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HF 3429 Election Administration Technical and Policy Provisions Modification

Weakening Ballot Security by Bankrolling Taxpayer-Funded Campaigns to

  • Encourage “No-Excuse” Absentee Voting. This bill spends over
  • $17 million on initiatives including taxpayer-funded politicized election communications while eliminating safeguards that protect the integrity of elections.
  • “Increase absentee voting” through outreach to voters.
  • Permits localities to exceed statutory deadlines governing the conclusion of vote counting and designating polling places.
  • Compromises election integrity and increases the possibility of fraud


HF 1 (Special Session #5)

  • Indebting Taxpayers to Fund $1.87 Billion
  • Only a small fraction of the spending is dedicated to essential government initiatives such as repairing aging bridges and wastewater infrastructure.
  • $2 million for electric vehicle charging stations.
  • Tourist attractions and private nonprofits favored by government collected an additional $45 million; passed October 15, 2020

HF 1842

  • Expanding Wasteful Spending to Advance a Politicized “Renewable” Energy Agenda.
  • Advance a politicized “renewable” energy agenda that drives up ratepayer electricity, heating, and cooling costs.
  • The bill includes $46 million for California- and North Carolina-based companies to create a “net-zero emissions” energy project in the Prairie Island Indian Community and $2.75 million to repair a hydroelectric facility in Granite Falls.
  • The bill makes permanent the solar panel inventive & appropriates another $20 million; passed May 17, 2020

HF 652 — Driving up Life Insurance Costs Through a New State Mandate

  • This bill ultimately drives up the cost of life insurance for everyone by reducing the ability of insurers to assess risk.
  • The bill imposes a new mandate on insurers which prevents them from taking into consideration that a proposed insured has a prescription for an opiate antagonist when they are determining whether to issue, renew, cancel or modify a policy.
  • ACU opposes this government interference in the insurance industry which prevents companies from accurately assessing and pricing risk which leads to higher premiums for everyone and opposed this bill. T
  • The Senate passed the bill on March 25, 2021

HF 33 — Increasing Government Dependency by Expanding Multiple Welfare Programs 

  • This omnibus health and human services bill results in $18.8 billion in spending over the next two years and contains numerous provisions which grow government programs and spending while further trapping Minnesotans into government dependency.
  • The bill expands post-partum coverage under Medicaid from two months to 12 months, expands welfare coverage of dental and weight loss treatment, and hikes payouts under the Minnesota Family Investment Program, including one-time $435 payments to all recipients.
  • The bill imposes new insurance mandates on telehealth coverage and hikes spending on childcare and student loan forgiveness.
  • Impose new Leftist “anti-racism” and “implicit bias” training mandates on healthcare providers. ACU supports efforts to help people live happier, healthier, more productive lives, opposes efforts that expand dependence on government, which leads to intergenerational poverty and opposed this bill. The Senate passed the bill on June 26, 2021.

HF 9 — Expanding Cronyism Through Countless Special-Interest Tax Exemptions and Subsidies 

  • Contains countless new tax exemptions and subsidies which only benefit select individuals, companies and industries.
  • Extends tax credits for developers of “affordable” housing, creates a $5 million film production tax credit, and even gives a select meat processing company a $6 million handout.
  • The bill also funds numerous wasteful initiatives such as tourism promotion and authorizes a number of localities to hike taxes for non-essential government functions.
  • ACU supports a tax code that is broadly applied with as low of rates as possible for everyone. ACU opposes this cronyism which provides competitive advantages and benefits to select interests while shifting tax burdens to other taxpayers not favored by government and opposed this bill. The Senate passed the bill on June 30, 2021.

HF 8 — Expanding Cronyism Through $139 Million in Subsidies to the Agricultural Industry

This omnibus agricultural appropriations bill contains a litany of special interest programs and initiatives for the agricultural industry while socializing the $139 million in costs onto taxpayers over the next two years. For example,

The bill forces taxpayers to spend $8 million to promote and market agricultural products, $50 million on research and technology development for the industry and $20 million in direct subsidies for things such as counseling for farm families, housing assistance, and $5,000 to each dairy producer for “business development plans.” ACU opposes this cronyism which provides competitive advantages to a select industry and companies while socializing the benefits onto the backs of taxpayers in other industries and professions not favored by government and opposed this bill. The Senate passed the bill on June 22, 2021.

HF 4 — Authorizing $125 Million in Housing Subsidies and Further Infringing Property Rights

  • This omnibus housing bill is touted as an eviction moratorium off-ramp but
  • Contains multiple provisions which further infringe property rights and fuel wasteful spending. While the bill does end Gov. Walz eviction moratorium, the bill still largely prohibits evictions for another 4 months, and in some cases through June of 2022. Additionally,
  • the bill further infringes the property rights of landlords by amending law surrounding service animals to now mandate acceptance of “support animals” for an individual alleging any type of disability. In addition to
  • Tens of millions of spending on wealth redistribution programs concerning housing, the bill places taxpayers in an additional $100 million in debt through bond issuance for crony “affordable housing” initiatives. This spending is on top of the hundreds of millions in rental and housing assistance provided through federal programs. ACU

Opposes this measure which further attacks property rights and unnecessarily places Minnesotans in over $100 million in new debt and opposed this bill. The Senate passed the bill on June 28, 2021

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